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Tomorrow is the day...

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Well, tomorrow I undergo a partial-neph to get this demon cut out of me.  I've been waiting since July because I wanted a specific surgeon at Vanderbilt.  It's been a little stressful and now that it's here I'm rather anxious.  I've never had any symptoms, and my cancer was found by accident and luck, but these past couple of days I've had all sorts of weird twinges and quick pains in my left side.  I'm sure it's all in my head, but the stress really does weird things to you.  At this time tomorrow I'll be in surgery and I just want it to be over.  I'm hoping the recovery isn't too bad and in a few weeks I'll be back to normal.  Thanks for everyone who shares, I've gained a ton of knowledge and I have a good idea of what to expect.  Here's to keeping the faith!

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Everything will be fine.  You are in the right place

First few days is tough but mangeable and you will be so relieved to have it over you won’t mind the struggle afterwards

Will be thinking of you and can’t wait to hear how you get on

Four weeks tomorrow for me and almost back to my old self


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Good luck , you and I are close in our discoveries and my surgery will be I hope not to long after yours...I will be praying for you and looking for your post so I can see how you are doing and compare myself to your healing journey..

Best of luck bud....

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Hope you have a quick recovery!


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Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. I am not far behind you. Two and half more weeks and it is done! You are lucky the wait is over!!!! Take care. Oh and just noticed our tumors are in the same spot and kidney too.

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tango xray
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Will be thinking of you, hoping for all the best and wishing you a speedy recovery... You got this!!!


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All the best to you. It will be over so quickly and you'll be on the mend and back to your new normal. I'm 4 weeks past my total nephrectony and feeling slowly back to normal. 

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You seem to be in very good shape to deal with this, it should be a breeze for you. Any difficulty you have afterwards just remember that you get better with every day that passes. Best Wishes.

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Randy, you will be fine and will glad that little bug is out of you and put this behind! Best wishes!

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Wishing the best of luck and quick recovery!

You are in our prayers.  

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Best of luck. I'm 4 weeks past my surgery and healing fine slowly back to normal. 

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Try to rest tonight.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  You'll be in good hands and will be well cared for.

Keep us posted--when you feel better.


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I know you are ready!  I hope your experience is like mine in that it wasn’t as bad as I had imagine.  My surgery was 6 weeks todaY.  I Hit 10,000 steps today for the first time since surgery! Prayers and well wishes!

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Good luck, Randy!  This will all be over before you know it and you'll be well on your way to recovery!  Please keep us posted!

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And your doctors, that he or she moves in & out of there with a quickness & accuracy to grab that little trouble maker and stuff it in a petrie dish to perish! 

Soon you'll be on the mend, be patient with yourself and you'll be good as new very soon.


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Hope all is well, Randy and you are on your way to an uneventful recovery!

Remember, WE are here for you, all the way!

Sending you healing, gentle hugs,


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Hopefully things went well and you are controlling that little bitty (yea) pain and will be up and moving within the nextt day or two.




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Oh, I just realized you posted this yesterday.....so you're surgery was today!  Hope all went well!

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Joined: Sep 2017

I hope it all went well, drop us a line when you can and give us a  update..



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The waiting is over, the healing can begin. Best of luck and keep us updated when feeling up to it!

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Good Luck with your recovery.   I am scheduled for surgery 9th November, partial nephrectomy laproscopically, I hear you on the waiting and worry. 

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