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Really worried after melanoma

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I was recently diagnosed with melanoma and basal cell carcinoma in July and both were removed in September. Well since my diagnosis I’ve had 3 incidental findings of a tumor on my upper femur, a tumor in my left kidney and opacities in both lungs. The kidney tumor has gone from a sub centimeter tumor to a 1.5 cm tumor in just over a month. I’ve discovered these findings on my own by reviewing my medical notes. I use the VA and we have the ability to access our records online. I’ve had no follow up by any of my doctors regarding these findings. I’m scared by how fast the kidney tumor is growing. I have pain in that kidney and pain in my right leg where they found that tumor. I don’t know why all of a sudden I have these tumors. Can melanoma cause these? I don’t have anyone to turn to

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I am sorry to hear about what you are going through.
Unfortunately, melanoma can migrate to other organs, and I strongly recommend to follow up. In absence of doctors' initiative, you are the best advocate for your health.
Best wishes.

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I would recommend you schedule an appointment with your PCP at the VA and bring a copy of the results indicating these anomolies.  You can also go into the records section at the VA where you were imaged and request copies of the films and report so you have your own copy.  Then you can request to be seen by a specialist at VA.  If they cannot get you in for appt. in a reasonable span of time, you can use veterans choice program and seek a civialian doctor's expertise.  This is usually what will happen as the VA is sooooo backlogged.  My husband was seen by dermatology at our local VA and we are pretty sure they missed a basal cell because the civilian derm found it and removed it not too long after VA examined him and did a couple of "freezes".  Mind you he has had skin cancer three times since 2002.  If you feel you need further attention, you likely do.  Trust your gut feelings.

Best of Luck

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