stage 4 stomach, liver, pancreas cancer.. stage 2 kidney also heart attack

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This last week my husband was given 4 to 6 months left to live. he was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma also cancer of the duodenium, which has spread to his pancreas, and liver , he also has ischemic heart diseae , alzheimers.  He lost a kidney 4 years ago from cancer, now the only one he has left is in stage 2 with a tumor , the duodenium, liver and pancreas are stage 4. he was also septic

The drs did not recommand surgery at all, due to how advance the cancer is.  no chemo thearpy recommand due to stage 4 and haveing only one kidney that is also effected.. He may only feel good for a few hours then is very sick. i have researched this and found to have no hope since so much of his body is effected . i was told by several people to give him a gallon of alkaline water to drink daily, that it is supose to slow down the cancer, no proof.

He is so sick. the only organs that seems not to be effected is his bladder, or lungs.. he has alzheimers .. i was told due to all of this there is nothing that can be done.. He is in a lot of pain and can hardly walk now.. any suggestions ? he also sleeps alot which i expected, at least when he is sleeping he is resting, I am at a loss to what to do.