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i just wanted to thank everyone on this board!  For the past 3 months I have been waiting to determine if a 1.5 cm mass on my left kidney is cancer. The mass was found incidentally via a CT scan looking for appendicitis.  Turned out I had a severe kidney infection and for months it has been unclear if the mass is cancer or related to the infection. Today I learned the mass has disappeared.  

This board has been a godsend as I braced myself for perhaps a second battle with cancer--I am two years post breast cancer. I feel like I have read every post here, and I have been so grateful for the kindness and openness of this community.  Thank you and know that your willingness to share helps countless others who are scared and perhaps too shy to post.  




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    So so happy for you and such

    So so happy for you and such a relieve, can't imagine how bad was the stress during the past 3 months!

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    Congratulations!! That is amazing news!!!

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    This is the last club someone of their right mind would volunteer to join.




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    Right hope to never see you here again

    So Pleased you  got the best result possible



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    Awesome News!

    Awesome News!  Congratulations!

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    Natty--thanks for the note.  I totally agree with you about the members on this site.  They're pretty special people. 


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    Great news!  Turn in your

    Great news!  Turn in your decoder ring on the way out.

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    No T-shirt for you Natty!

    Your post just made my day!!  That is THE best news EVER!

    God Bless you,


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    Definitely -- WOOT! -- happy dancing with and for you.  We won't mind if you don't show up at the RCC survivors annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Potluck. All the best --