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Rituxan maint done

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Today was my last Rituxan maintenance treatment. All went well plus I met my new oncologist. (The Dr I had retired at the end of Aug.) She is very young and very enthusiastic. We went over my treatments and such. My prev Onc wanted to do a CT scan and bone biopsy before the end of the year. My new Onc told me that she doesn't think that is needed at this time. I've also chosen to keep the port in for a while yet. In January I will see here again for blood test and a port flush. 

Good news is that my white count  and platetlets are just over the low end.  Now that I know I won't be haing any test the rest of this year I can mkae plans to see my eye dr, orthopedic Dr and dermatologist. 


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Congratulations on the new pic (with hair!), new doc, new everything...


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Max Former Hodg...
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Like PBL, I love your new pic.  The news is so good.  I give thanks for you.

I have never liked mixed drinks, but my wife has started making margaritas as home. God, it tastes like diesel fuel !  I will have one in your honor, but chase it with a delicious PBR !



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Tanks Max.

I will have a margarita when we go out for Mexican food. Any other time - give me a BEER!  

Thanks to everyone else too.


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Sandy Ray
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Excited for you hope things continue to get better!

Sandy Ray

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You look great! Congratulations!


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Great and gorgeous picture!  For me it was like having a ball and chain removed from my ankles, freedom of my mind and spirt to really begin to live again. 

I'm thrilled for you!

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So happy for you! I had my scans yesterday and hope to start the maintenance program after seeing Dr on Thursday. Love your new photo....

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A great milestone, easy to see the reason for that beautiful smile! I'm very happy for you, Linda.




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Great news Linda! You go and enjoy that beer!

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 For some of us. That is wonderful news Linda,you have always been so positive in your battle, I am so  glad you have won this round and hope there won't be anymore.  You have always been an asset to this forum  and I truly appreciate all of your care and support for all of us. 

Stay strong, 


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Thanks Becky. 

One thing I've learned from everyone is that there is no formula for symptoms, treatments or recovery. For each person there is a difference for so many reasons. I don't remember how many times I read something on this board before I decided to join and so glad I did. 

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