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Advice for the Newbies so we can help you.

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One of the frustrations of those of us who reply to your questions is not knowing enough about your diagnosis to reply apprporriately. Please fill in your CSN Space and detail your diagnosis with your questions. We would like to be able to assure thise of you who have a routine diagnosis that you have a high  chance of being cured by surgery and try and offer the best possable assurances to these with a more challanging outcome. Each case is different and we are not doctors, but after being around the block we still try and help you, but only can do so within out comfort zone and only with as much information that you give us.




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I completed mine recentry.  I am guilty of not doing so before I asked questions. I’m sorry for that. 

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I think. ..check me out, what do you think?

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Success!  It's a beautiful thing.


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to encourage others to fill out some basic information.  Please step up to persuade new members to complete bios.  After an initial post any info gets lost in daily conversations. We need to be able to just click your name to stay aware of individual history and issues.


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