Hit my 5 year mark

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That happened on October 5th, and I'm feeling like it's just one more reason to celebrate!  I am SO happy.

Lovin' life!!




  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    Great News Donna

    Dance Dance Dance

    Sure your next set of scans will be fine


  • salsa
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    That is so cool I hope to

    That is so cool I hope to join you some day! 

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    Wonderful news!

    Happy for you


  • foxhd
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    You make it look easy!

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    Wonderful news

    Thanks for sharing, Donna.  Congratulations!


  • foroughsh
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    It's great, thanks for

    It's great, thanks for sharing.

  • APny
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    So happy for you! Now go

    So happy for you! Now go celebrate :)

  • Optimisticgirl
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    Wishing you many more healthy years!

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    Such great news Donna!!!

    Such great news Donna!!!

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    happy for you 

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    You bring the food and drinks.




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    So happy for you Donna!!!

    So happy for you Donna!!! Press on sister!

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    So happy for you! on the big

    So happy for you! on the big mile stone!

  • Mary H.
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    So happy for you.  Now that you've hit the five year mark, likely you have nothing more to worry about.  (I'm almost at 7.)

  • love_of_my_life
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    Great job!

    Great job!  We know exactly how you feel!

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  • ImNotDeadYet
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    So happy to read this!

    This is fantastic news! And it gives some of us who are at earlier stages of our battles that there can be bright days ahead!


  • rhominator
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    That's great news. Congrats!

  • Angie1496
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    So Awesome!! I hope to join you in 5 years!  I hope you celebrate big!

  • AnnissaP
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    Congratulations!!! A huge

    Congratulations!!! A huge reason to celebrate!!!!!!!!!