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stage 4 lung cancer with 14 brain tumours

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I am writing this in hopes that some one could share a similar experience or has any advice. My Aunt was just diagnosed (age 72) with stage 4 lung canger, and has 14 small tumours through out her brain. Operating is off the table and I am sure whole brain radiation is off the table as well. She is presenting with stroke like symptoms and paralysis on her left side (we believe she has had a ministroke)I think she has months to live, but I am wishing for more. So my questions are 1. does any one else have a love one with similar conditions and what did they do? 2. Does anyone have ideas of treatments that can work??



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Im 45 when they told me I had 6 months to live without treatment. One year to live with treatment. I had 10 tumors in the brain one in each lung one on the rib bone 1 in my adrenal gland and in the lymph nodes in my neck and chest. We did gamma knife on my brain. Im still doing opdivo even though Im in remission. It will be 2 years thos December. Thank goes to GOD above. He is definitely my savior.

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Oh my God, that's wonderful Tammie. I have a friend that was recently diagnosed.  I'm scanning the discussion boards looking for anything that will be helpful. She has stage IV lung that is also showing in the liver, her brain is ok. She starts chemotherapy this week.  Any advice, suggestion, or tips?


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Praise GOD! 

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Hi Pam, sorry I just now seen this message. The only things I did different than take the Opdivo is I took 8 ounces of breast milk daily. I did lots of green juices and the cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed oil. And most important I prayed daily. GOD IS good!!

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Thank God for the blessings He has given all of you.

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I agree that God is good.  If it wasn't for Him I would be so depressed.  I was diagnosed in July of 2017 with Stage 4 lung cancer.  I have adinocarcinoma of the right lower lung.  I am currently taking Keytruda with minimal side effects.  So far, on my last scan the cancer had not spread to any other organs.  Nevertheless, the mind often takes me where I do not want to go.  So All I have is God and my prayers.  My tip to all of you is to keep the faith.  Focus on God and not on yourselves.  He is a sustaining Savior.  God Bless and I will continue to pray for all cancer patients.

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My Dad had lung cancer 10 years ago and had radiation to his brain, as a preventative measure.  As they were sure that is where it would go next. He was not in remission, but they could not find the cancer after the chemo and radiation. The pulmonogist told us if they removed his lung 10 years ago that he would have had a longer healthier life. His Oncologiest stated that he is the first paitent he ever had to live that long. You must get at least a second opinion on the cancer and the treatment.

~Danie Jo

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I have nsclc for the second time in 7 years this time it was considered stage 4. It was found in the upper portion of right lung and 17small tumors in my brain. Now to let you know in 09 I had lung cancer and they had to take my whole left lung out and was free of cancer for 7 years and then when diagnosed with it again. It had metastasized to my brain, They tried to tell me that whole brain radiation was needed however I made him refer me to Duke university hospital and some of the best doctors ever, they suggested a procedure called stereo tact radial surgery which pinpoints each individual tumor sort of like laser surgery, and chemo that has put the cancer at rest and there at this time is no sign of cancer anywhere after two years and as long as my body can handle it I’ll have to be on chemo for a long time. Duke is located in Durham NC

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