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PSA slowly rising post radical and radiation

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confused and need input, please. My PSA has gone from 0 to 3.57 for almost 20 years. April was 2.69 and Oct was 3.57. Lupron frightens me with all its side effects, so I have decided to continue to watch and wait in my 73.5th year. Any other ideas or suggestions. Many thanks for your help.

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Got you beat by ten yrs...and similar problem and concern with Lupron.  My ‘story’ is 17 years post radical prostatectomy.  All was quiet until PSA showed back up several months ago.  Really low numbers, .3 at first, then 90 Days later at .9 (My GP [my SuperWoman] became concerned).  Referred me to an oncologist for opinion.  Lupron was the treatment to be offered...but (big BUT) we would watch PSA and not jump into treatment unless and until PSA showed it was on the doubling path.  Oncologist said by delaying treatment would not effect the outcome or the treatment to be used.  When I investigated Lupron I was, like you scared as all get out.    Discussed surgical instead of chemical...either way they will be castrating me!  My GP assures me she has other patients on Lupron and aside from hot flashes, shrinking of organs, etc. no really horrible effects.  

I printed out some of the personal horror stories here and elsewhere.  She assures me they are not representative of her experience.  I trust this person with my life.  She knows I want quality of life...quantity of life playing second fiddle.

PSA after another 90 days shows stability, not doubling yet.  So more watchful waiting.

Have belief in GOOD medical advice, have belief in your GOOD treatment investigation, and BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL BE O.K.

We must be positive about the future.  Being negative will kill us quicker than the most aggressive cancer ever will.

Good future to you.

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Thank you so much for sharing your journey. My urologist said he would be concerned if my PSA doubles, so I will continue to watch and wait, as I have done these last two decades. My regular internist told me he has patients who are tolerating Lupron, aside from the hot flashes and other minor side effects. I trust him with my life, and value his opinion. I agree wholeheartedly with you: keeping a positive attitude, eating healthy, daily meditation and prayer, exercise, plus living life to its fullest are all key to surviving life with or without cancer. Blessings to you and your family. Namaste

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