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results of ct scans post treatment

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Hi all,

My husband just had his last folfox "mop up" chemo for his rectal cancer on Sept 15th.  He had chest and abdomen ct scans done 1 1/2 weeks later.  Everything looked good except for a very small spot on his liver that the doctor does not think is anything, maybe even a shadow.  It is too small to biopsy so he will have an mri in early november to get another look at it and will have ct scans every 3 months which was the plan anyway and they will keep an eye on it.  If it becomes something of a concern they will either do an ablation or surgery.  I feel like with or without this spot it would be hard to completely celebrate because I feel this will rear it's ugly head again at some point...just hope later rather than sooner.  

He handled his treatments well and most of his side effects would pretty much be resolved before going for his next treatment.  He is dealing well with his permanent colostomy.  Although not ideal, it just is what his life is now.  He is a firefighter/paramedic and getting ready to go back to his regular duty but is hoping to get into a different postion within the department that is less physically demanding.  I say this to give anyone out there who may be facing a permanent colostomy HOPE.  Your life will and does continue afterwards and you will get back to doing what you did and enjoyed before the colostomy.  

I am an outsider so to speak since I am just the spouse and not the one going through this but please know that I am inspired by all of your stories and by your strength and perseverance!  

My prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, etc to you all.




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Great to meet you, Betsy.  Youare not JUST the spouse as your role is so important.  I admire my husband and all the caregivers and family members who have to deal with this emotionally.

I too came out of surgery with a permanent colostomy.  And I am a ok with it.  Don't need to empty it as often, and no worries about bathroom issues after a reversal surgery.  It's awesome that you both are handling this so well too.  And you both inspire me.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  This discussion board has been sooooo helpful to me.

Much love, from Beth

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I am glad to hear you are doing well!   I had not been on here for a few weeks and justs saw your posts just yesterday.  I wish I could have told you some things we did before and after surgery that helped so I am going to tell you knowSmile  Prior to we both did our own researching and two web sites with discussion boards were very helpful and still are.  One is colonclub.com and the United Ostomy Assoc.  He also had a home health nurse after surgery that was osotmy certified and was so great at giving us more information, training, options for equipment, etc.  

Hope things continue to go well.  Keep us posted!

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You are NOT an outsider and definitely not 'JUST' anything. You are a wife and caregiver and a most important part of this whole experience that your husband is going through. Plus, you are an important part of this forum, with all of the wisdom that these past months have given you. 

I am happy to hear that hubby's report was so good. It is wise not to ever rule out the 'it may' but grasp this moment of good and run with it. 

The spot could just be that common old hermangioma, that loads of people have. But it will hang over you, just don't let it carry you away. 

I hope you are both celebrating; it is well deserved.



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https://www.uoaa.org/forum/index.php  It helped me a lot when having my temporary ileostomy and they have many valuable points that can help your husband.  It's geared strictly for people with an ostomy.  They will talk about all the things (even the very personal things) that one can go through when you have a permanent ostomy.  Check out that site as it is very valuable with help with you and your husband.  Wishing you both well.


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Deat Friend,

I was diagnosed and treated with rectal cancer in my prime at age 49. I have had colostomy for 4 years now. I developed a method where I live without "the bag" at least 5 days a week only wearing a tiny cap. I clean out my intestines with Milk of Magnesia once a week and have no output for 5 days and very little until the next cleansing. Colostomy is no issue for me anymore at work and my private life. 

I wrote about this method at the UOAA site or I can email it to you here if you are interested. 

All the best.


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I did read about your method on UOAA a while ago.  My husband is looking to go to one of our local ET (I think that is what it is called) clinics to learn how to irrigate.  That is his next step to hopefully make things more convenient.  He had wanted to wait till chemo was over. 


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