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Greece/RGCC test

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Hello all,

Has anyone used the Greece/RGCC test to direct their treatment?

It seems to be very informative on the sensitivities of circulating tumor cells or stem cells to chemo and natural substances. What I can't figure is whether this also reflects the sensitivity of the tumors themselves. 

We are coming to a crossroads and will need to make a decision soon. The test indicated sensitivity to our current chemo, but out oncologist believes we need to move to a clinical, a drug that also came up high on the test. There are also a few other good isotope hits on the test that may be worth exploring. 

Just curious if any had any experience using this test to direct their treatment. 


Warm wishes, Ace

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I had RGCC testing in October for CTC.  Came back with a count of 3.  I live in California and the 2 physicians that do RGCC testing and treament .  Did chemo/sens testing for both natural and 

traditional chemicals  that I am sensitive to.  Looking at IST treatment which is going to cost $15-16 thousand dollars.  There is follow-up care at 3 and 12 week intervals.  This physician is about 5 hours away driving. I am looking into some overseas practitioners that have been doing this a long time and with pricing numbers.  After reading about cancer for a few years I don't feel I have to do anything tomorrow that is drastic.  Learning that our cancers have been with us for at least 5-10 yrs plus before we find them.  It is still quite scary no matter what.  

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<p>I have known several persons who benefitted from RGCC Onconomics and Onconomics Plus chemosensitivity testing. An abstract of one report of my findings is available at: (https://www.academia.edu/35092773/Help_and_Hope_for_the_Unknowingly_Need...).</p>

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