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Diagnosis, confused, please help desperately need help.

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Hello, I  feeling really distressed and would really really appreciate other people's experiences. I'm 50 and I had some abnormal bleeding. I got sent for an urgent referral  ultra sound scan by my GP and have been waiting for results. I haven't heard anything and have been calling my GP who say they have no results. Today I received a letter and this letter was a referral to a 'gynaecology oncologist'. Does this mean something bad has been found? Or is this a standard procedure for everyone and you have to discuss results even if nothing bad has been found?


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Hi Demirafa,  My GP saw soemthing concernign during my yearly check up and so she referred me to a gynecologist.  The gynecologist did a biopsy and confirmed the something concerning was cancer and she referred me to a gynaecology oncologist.  The GP had no results to share with me but I told the gynecologist that she could share the results of the biopsy with me over the phone and that it was ok for her to leave a message if I didn't answer....so she did.  I didn't recieve anything else from the GP or the gynecologist the next thing I got was a letter from the gynaecology oncologist's office asking me to fill out a medical release and to call to schedule my appointment.     I think it is standard protocol to recieve the results of your scan or test or biopsy from the medical professional who preformed them and that could happen over the phone or via letter not necessarily in a follow up appointment.  I agree it is unusual that your GP hasn't shared any results with you prior to you reciving a referral to another medical provider.  But maybe your GP wants the gynaecology oncologist to do some further testing. Call your GP office first thing Monday and ask for clarification regarding the letter.  The good news is if something is going on your medical providers are acting quickly to get you the treatment you need quick detection and quick treatment always lead to more favorable results.

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Hmm when I had my testing done, I met with my regular gynecologist 2 weeks later after the results were in. She shared them with me and next I went to the gynechological oncologist. Ask for a paper copy of the report also. The wait time can be concerning, but you should get some answers and probably more testing. Whatever it is if you weren’t having symptoms this could be a very early stGe cancer . This isn’t to scare you. I am from the uterine board. I have endometrial cancer. Prayers for you and come back to share your results!

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