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Stopping treatment prematurely???

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I am stage 4 RCC for 4 yrs.. left kidney & renal vein removed. 1 lymphatic node in lung disappeared over 2 year treatment with 

sutent... continued on sutent after disappearance for 1 year. Then, after 1 year of no RCC anywhere, it reappeared in 

right shoulder bone.  Then had surgical removal of visual cancer plus 10 radiation treatments. 


ISSUE? My original oncologist was going to just immediately move onto immunotherapy after radiation After appropriate 

bone scans & CTs. Since I relocated in the process, I went to 2/nd oncologist now near my new home. 2/nd oncologist 

does not want to give me ANY IMMUNOTHEREPY or medications unless he can find the actual cancer in a test. original

 oncologist wants to start the immunotherepy with or without finding more cancer after the radiation just a few weeks ago. 


There is a 100% disagreement in approaches between the two doctors. Common sense tells me to follow my 1/st & original 

oncologist & start immunotherepy. . However, my 2/nd oncologist is a RCC specialist. I am conflicted on which way to go. 

Suggestions please? 

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