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DH had scan on 22nd then 5th chemo and results on Sept 25.  Mets on liver have shrunk 30 and 10% BUT oncologist said all small ones have to disapear before he is elgible for any other treatment or liver resection.  He said 12 rounds of chemo then maintence.  Can maintenence  continue to shrink tumors.  He also said chemo can stop working at some point and went on to talk about possiblities because of soo many liver mets.  We know the down side.  Would rather hear positive possibilities.  Husband has some neurapathy but mostly is doing better energy wise.  Mowed the yard after porta chemo needle came out Wednesday.  He is on folfox........any feedback?  I have been reading posts but forgot my password and could not change it for a while........



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