1 Year today

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Good Morning all!  Today is my 1 year birthday! on September 27, 2016 I had my stem cell transplant. As I sit here I’m not sure whether I should be happy? Be scared? I think I’ll take the happy route with some scared mixed in.  I’ve become a bit superstitious and remember the first time I posted that I was NED. That was short lived, but here I am!! 

During the past year I’ve only had a handful of problems.  Some lung problems that required high doses of prednisone. Ugggg, I hated prednisone.  My bowels ( only here can we talk bowels) have gone from needing Miralax to needing Imodium. Not sure how I feel about that!!  I guess it pays to be flexible with life! 

If all goes well I’m going to Sicily at the end of October. Not a trip I ever thought about, but my sister-in-law was looking for a traveling partner and I jumped on it! My husband and kids are a bit jealous! 

Fall is my favorite season and this year for the first time in 2 years I’m really going to enjoy it! Going for a walk this morning with a dear friend that I’ve walked with for 15+ years. She’s whipping me back into shape!

Stay Strong everyone!



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    Happy Birthday!

    May you continue on a path of good strong health and complete wellness!

    I have never been to Sicily but have spent  a few months in Italy and absolutely love it there.  What a wonderful trip to take enjoy!  When I was much younger I lived in Paris and thought that was the place to be, until I found Florence.  I will change my profile picture to an Italian vista just for you!


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    Happy Birthday! What a milestone. 

    I bet your family is jealous of your trip to Sicily, but I know they are also very happy for you. I have been on a couple of cruises with my mother and left my husband behind to fend for himself. Smile

    Meanwhile, enjoy your autumn walks with your friend. I also love this time of year.




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    You seem well on your way to enjoying everything life has to offer.

    Very happy for you, Sharon.


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    Celebration for Sharon!

    Congrats on your good health!  So wonderful to hear follow-up results.  Enjoy your well deserved trip to Sicily - you will love it.  All the best :)  Lisa 

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    Congratulations Sharon

    Wow that is great. Only someone who has walked that path can really appreciate how good it is to be healthy.

    I tell people I never knew how good it felt to just be well until I had Chemo!

    Never worry about what you cannot control. Worry will not keep the inevitable from happening but it can rob you of peace.

    Most of what we worry about never happens. When and if it does we can face it then. So don't worry be happy!

    Sandy Ray

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    Enjoy yourself on vacation! But watch out in traffic - that's really dangerous!

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    muledaze said:

    Celebration for Sharon!

    Congrats on your good health!  So wonderful to hear follow-up results.  Enjoy your well deserved trip to Sicily - you will love it.  All the best :)  Lisa 



    I feel joy that you have passed this milestone well and with N.E.D.   

    Bless your travel. 

    The Navy used to have a sub base on northern Sardinia ("LaMaddalena") which has since closed, but the guys on Med boats all loved it; a short trip to Sicily.  I never got there, since our boat was an Arctic platform, but I'm sure I would have gained 10 pounds if I had !


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    What a wonderful accomplishment, congratulations on your 1st birthday.  Enjoy the great news and the upcoming trip.


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    Happy Birthday SaL. It's hard to believe a year has gone by already. I hope you enjoy your trip. It sound great!

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    congrats !

    You sound very positive and I wish you the best. Safe travels.