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Borrowed Computer - Need Biopsy of Pancreas after 2 rcc

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I am trying to figure out the way to get my pancreas biopsy/surgery.  MD Anderson is between 25K and 27k.  They need discount rates. 

My life is still in disarray after Hurricane Harvey.  Lost contacts in Houston, lost family (alive? dead? no responses) in Houston, nightmares, injuries, and some of my stuff suffered.  My car is still in Houston.  People were injured, lost, lost possessions, and lost lives!  People will suffer for years!!!!!!!!!  I shouldn't worry about my surgery with all the suffering from Harvey, Irma, Maria, and earthquakes, but I do. 

Those prices come into my mind.  I think I need to shop around for another cancer center.  MD Anderson is the top in the US, but I don't have top funds available for all they want to do.  I need to win Publisher's Clearing House money or be adopted by a wealthy person.  I will be talking with MDA's financial aid people and a couple of social workers.  Then, I will pay the bills that I missed while in Houston.  After that, I will have my car cleaned and fixed.  Then, I don't know.  I just don't know.  I have too much to do.  Harvey just twisted soooooo many lives.  So I'm worried about cancer, damage from a hurricane, money, lost relatives, more pain, tumor growth ....  CONFUSION!  STRESS!

Renal Cell Carcinoma . . . why?  Renal Cell Carcinoma . . . why?  Other tumors . . . why?  Loss of my devices . . . why?  Having to use this borrowed computer . . . why?  Lost medical records in Harvey . . . why?  I was in Houston all those days . . . why?  Well, I know the why to that question . . . HARVEY!!!  I just want to cuss, but it is not nice!

I'm sorry; I'm all over the map with my thoughts.  I can't even cry because I'm in public.  I just need to talk to the good social worker.  We need to discuss my issues.  Then, I can plan using a clear head.



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Hey, I'd adopt you but I'm broke, sorry.

Why do some people get all the sh*t dumped on them while others get a free ride?

I hope things improve for you.


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