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Optune for Glioma Tumor

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My name is Connie and my father in law was recently diagnosed with a glioma tumor. He has had surgery and been through radiation.

He is continuing to have chemo via pills.


He was given an option of using this Optune head thing and they are hoping for more "real people" experiences with them and I just can't find much.


When I was going through breast cancer treatments, this site was so amazing for me that I thought I would try to help them also. They do not have internet so I will be taking this over to show them when you all reply!!!


Thank you so much for helping!

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hi Connie

First let me say i am sorry to hear about your father-in-law and his recent diagnosis.    My story is very similar to his.   Back in May 2017 i was diagnoses with Glioblastoma in the form of two tumors in my head.    The first one was close enough to the front of my brain that they were able to remove most of it surgically.   The second one is too far back in the middle of my brain to get surgically.   Like your father-in-law, after surgery i went through 6 weeks of Chemo and Radiation.   About six weeks after the radiation ended my doctor put me on Optune.   I am told i was the first from my radialogy group (in the Dallas area) to be put on Optune.   In fact, when i went in for a check-up a couple weeks ago the entire staff came in to the room to see me because they wanted to see what this "Optune" thing was all about.

Anyway, there is a ton of information on the Optune website.    Or just google Optune and you will have information overload.    Before i went on Optune i researched it and i can say most of what you will find in the net is very accurate.

If your father-in-law elects to do the Optune treatment he will have to shave his head completely bald every time before the "arrays" are placed on his head.   The arrays are 4 seperate pads each with about 12 nickel sized metal discs.   These pads have adhesive on them and one is placed on the front, back, left and right of the head.   Once put on he really wont feel anything.   It is a bit uncomfortabloe at first but the only thing i ever felt was a little bit of heat on my head.   Optune wants the patient to wear the device 18+ hours/day.   Infact, they will come to his house once a month to do a down load to be sure he is wearing it and to make sure it is working properly.   In my experience everyone from Optune has been incredibly nice and accomodating.

I know this is dragging on but if the doctors are recommending Optune i hope your father-in-law chooses to at least give it a try.  

If you have more specific questions dont hesitate to ask and please check out the net.

take care





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I had a gbmg4 and tried optune people at novacure were great. I only did it for 3 week quality of life vs rewardnot there extreme tiredness and narcolepsy side effect


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good new with standard treatment I am now cancer free mri does not detect any defects 109/2018


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My husband had surgery done 3 weeks back on right temporal lobe and as per doctors tumor was completely removed .While we are waiting on few more medical reports ,pathological reports indiciated that he has high grade glioma .Need inputs from people about diet and other tips to recover and stop this cancer from spreading.Doctors have yet to decide on Radaition and chemo in 2-3 weeks of time once detailed report comes .Any help in this regard would be appreciated and if anybody can just explain his/her situation with this similar Brain tumor,will be helpful.




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