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Sslee723 update

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hi guys, well I've been in hospital for 4 weeks now, battling a serious infection that was found in my neprechomy area.  I have had a drain in my by for 2 plus weeks, draining out deadly micro organisms, that got in from a tear in my small bowel .  I had to have a shunt from Korea put in that has to be there my entire life.  My diet has to completely change.  Which is fine but..... never a dull moment.  I will be going home soon hopefully but not they easily .  3 visiting nurse services, IV antibiotics , dressing changes, and so on.  And my cancer hasn't been treated for 26 days due to this deadly infection.  That should have killed me months ago, thank you god for saving me some how. 

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Oh my dear.. I am so sorry for ALL you have had to endure! How scary!

May I ask, please, did this happen AFTER you already had your nephrectomy? And how on earth did you get a tear in your small bowel?

You don't have to answer all these questions. Still.. YOU ARE HERE!!

So the shunt came from Korea..who knew! 

Again, I cannot imagine how you are feeling. But with that said, I am GLAD you are here and came back to letl us know!

Sending you continued healing, and caring thoughts. I am here for you during those tough time, you feel alone. Remember that please.

You can email me here any time!

Gentle Hugs, Jan

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Hi Steph, I've been wondering how you have been. 

Surviving that infection is pretty amazing.

How will your diet be changing?


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i basically have to watch everything I eat, can't have shunt getting clogged.  Can't have certain foods, I don't have an appetite anyway.

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Dear Steph-Sending you helaing hugs for each time to be better and better!Cool

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