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New Enlarged Neck Lymph Nodes Post Thyroid Cancer

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Hello! I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in April or 2017. I had a total thyroidectomy as well as 6 lymph nodes removed for metastasis disease, followed by a dose of I-131 in May. Over the last 6 weeks I have developed some enlarged lymph nodes in the side of my neck, as well as in my collarbone area, these nodes are not painful at all, but do make the left side of my neck look somewhat swollen. In addition to these I have also been experiencing extreme fatigue to the point I can barely keep my eyes open during the day or while driving home from work, a non-productive hacking cough, chest and left side pain, night sweats (that don't just happen at night) and chills. I've also noticed a change in my appetite, my three year old eats more than I do and I can't eat without feeling full almost immediately. 

When I was first diagnosed the only "symptom" I had was that same dry, non-productive cough. I am scheduled to meet with my ENT this afternoon, and when I called him and my oncologist both seemed very alarmed and mentioned a biopsy and further radiation and that it could be totally unrelated to my thyroid cancer. 


I am wondering if anyone else has had this type of experience. Does this sound like the thyroid cancer has spread or like it could be something else, possibly as completely separate primary cancer? 

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I was diagnosed in fall of 2013 with Stage 1 Pappilary Thyroid Cancer.  My total removal (with several lymph nodes that were negative for cancer) was January 2014 and have has no problems until recently when one lymph node seems to be growning.  My doctor says we are going to continue to "watch it".  My throat does not hurt and neither does my neck.  I am wondering if the nodes in the neck are more likely to become swollen with things like colds, allergies, etc with the thyroid removed or if this is something that I shoudl be worried about.

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I had my Thyroid removed in 2011 which was Pappilary Thyroid Cancer. In 2012 I had some lymph nodes removed which had been cancerous. In 2015 came down with another lymph node and had it biopsied which was negative for cancer. NOW in 2018 I had my regular annual check up and my results on my blood work have not changed but the lymph node has grown slightly. Well my DR. has decided to run all sorts of tests and do another biopsy. She has mentioned that an infection or cold could wreak havoc on a lymph node. I am at a quandry on what I need to do. Why wait six months if  the Dr. fears a problem?  I am so confused,  she just says it is cautionary for the future if something transpires. I feel well and I just hate to go back for more testing, beacause I have had this for several years and not a whole lot of growth, I just feel like I am a guinea pig. On the other hand, lets just get this thing out and not worry. I appreciate the posts and would like to know what your follow up procedures and results are.

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