Trying to figure out what is going on with my mom??

Hello everyone!!


I am 21 years old and my mother has been sick for about 3 months now. It started close to the end of July. She is a nurse and she was working 2 jobs she used to suffer from high blood pressure but that was 7+ years ago. She has also been suffering with insominia for I think about 2 years, but she has always had trouble sleeping. It all started one day when she was working at the hospital and she came back home with her legs itching intensely. She went to a quickcare and they prescribed her pretzone and medication for scabies. Just to cover all bases. Shortly after that her immune system weakened from the pretnizone. She started getting this red rash all over her body and she was really itchy. Then i say about 2 weeks later she discovered a lump underneath her chin (tender), side of neck above collar bone (very squishy), and one kind of behind her ear (tender). Eventually I started making her put warm compresses on it to make the swelling go down. Eventually they did go down but if she did not put them on they would swell up again. After that her face started swelling up really big and becoming red and her skin becoming blotchy. Then a couple of weeks later she started developing this cough and she says shes super congested even though the doctors said that all her sinus passages are clear. Shes been to a lot of different doctors and they are not concerned with the itching/ congestion. She also says that her mouth is very dry. Doctors are also not concerned with the lumps either. She has a bad cough at night and its to the point where she will throw up mucus. Most of the time it is clear. This past week she has been to the emergency room 3 times. When she is home she coughs a lot more, her face swells up really big, and she itches badly. Doctors said she should see an allergist which she did. I am just wondering what is going on with her. 


She has had a CT scan and CT scan with contrast (from head to pelvis), multiple chest xrays, spleen checked, liver checked, kidney checked,  and today she got an ultrasound of the neck. Everything has came back negative but we are still waiting on the ultrasound results. I am blessed the doctors have not found anything but I'm also worried because I feel like when is she going to get back to her old self.


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    I forgot to mention that when

    I forgot to mention that when she went to the doctor this past week the doctor said he found 2 swollen lymph nodes in her chest. And she had blood work, and blood cultures done and everything came back good. They are doing a skin biopsy on her now to see why her skin is the way it is. 

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    Immune system functioning

    Well, it certainy seems to have eliminated cancer - which is good. For information, the World Health Organzation lists over 68,000 different human illnesses and conditions. There are perhaps many times that which remain unknown. Our bodies are capable of producing only about 150 different symptoms. By simple math, a single symptom can indicate as many as 450+ conditions. As you can see, diagnostics will take some time, and what is troubling her may never be found. We are just that complicated.

    Our lymph nodes must expand in order to fight infection. If they did not, we would expire within a week to common infection. What she has sounds like an autoimmune condition, but almost anything is possible.