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A Love Letter To My Departed

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Dear Karen,

Its been over 4 months now that you've been gone. It seems so much longer than that and my pain of missing you will always be with me. On the surface the pain will subside but there will always be that underlying pain that will at times come to the surface. It was just a little over 16 years ago (Auguest 31st, 2001) that we had our 1st date. we met at Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg and I surprised you with a bottle of Champagne. I was so excited to go out with you the that night and when you arrived I saw the excitement in you too. It made for such a great evening. Little did I know that in a little under 16 years (May 12th, 2017) I would watch you take your last breath here on Earth.

When I think about all of the things that we did together between those times with and without the kids it makes me smile at first but brings me pain afterwards. The vacations, the weekend trips, the holidays, the speciall occasions and just simple date nights were the best. The ones that mostly standout are when I threw you a surprise 50th Birthday party or I surpised you by buying you your Grand Mothers antique chairs and remembering how happy that made you that so much it brought you to tears or in your final months when I would get home from work and your eyes would light up and that made me happy that you were happy that I was home. You supported me and you were my rock. You always tried to make me happy. I know there were times I disappointed you. I know all of those years we had together weren't the happiest too, but all of our problems that we had seem so miniscule now that you're gone. I hope who ever reads this letter to you will take a lesson from me and realize that we are all imperfect but we all have perfections. You had so many perfections. For instance, Everytime there was a winter storm in the forecast you always made sure you had a Roaster chicken so you could make home made chicken noodle soup. Or Christmas time when the house was decorated with all of your Department 56 buildings. Little things like those examples were plentiful and those are two of many of your perfections. It was the little things that made you who you were.

You loved your children like no other and I'm here to tell you that they miss you just as much as me, if not more, if that is even possible. Kelsey says that Kade ask about you all of the time. They seem to be doing ok but I know they miss you. Ashley told me that she misses your spaghetti and I know Molly is just sad you are gone. I know its hard for them because they are still so young.

Like them, I wish you were still here. It is getting ready to turn to Autumn and this was always your favortie time of year. I am going miss that smell of your fresh Banana bread right out of the oven and the delightful taste of your Apple, Cherry or Peach crisp. When I feel that Autumn wind blowing and looking at the changing colors of the leaves I will be thinking of you in knowing how much you loved the changing of the seasons. There will be no drives this Autumn for me to Skyline drive. It just won't be the same without you. Everything isn't the same without you.

Currently, I'm reading a book called "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander. It's a very good read and I'm going to recommend to many who question the afterlife to read it. Dr Alexander (the Author) doubted the Afterlife until he had a near death experience. He writes about it in such detail that I have a hard time not beleiving his experience.  I know when you were here, I wasn't the most romantic guy. I know you got your Flowers and your cards but I know you felt that I wasn't the most romantic. But I know you must be smiling now in knowing how I feel about you. I know you can feel me at least I hope you can. Hence the reason why I'm reading the book. It also gives me hope and faith in knowing that one day we will be together again. That will be a glorious event for us. You can rest assure that when that does happen I will always keep you by my side and never let you go. My faith in God has been strengthened since you've left me behind but I will be with you again.

in closing, It was an honor to be loved by you and I am privliged to love you back. Also know there isn't an hour that goes by that i don't think of you. I long for that day when we are reunited and hoping thats where Gods path will lead me. I miss you immensley and I love you beyond words. You were and always will be the true love of my life. 

I'll Love You Forever,



Roger s
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Lovely tribute Joe

I could replicate this word for word for my wife who died recently as well. I feel your pain and lonliness

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thank you, we were lucky to have them in our lives brother.

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So sorry for the loss you both have had to endure and your words are truly beautiful

The pain and loneliness are hard to bear and will never go away.

I have no words to except sorry and best wishes

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