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Waiting for biopsy result- tumour in bladder

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My husband 42 yrs, tumour was found in bladder in his annual check up. Urologist has removed the tumour(3.4x.6 CMs)next day byTubrt and sent for biopsy. There were absolutely no symptoms. Waiting for the result now. Annual check last year was perfect. 

Any insights on probability of tumour being cancer? Going crazy 


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Hello Rasi100 and welcome to these boards.  Your anxiety as you await results of the biopsy is understandable.  I am like you, a spouse who is trying to do all I can for my husband and keep it together while inside at times being totally frantic.  If it helps, know you aren't alone.  

As for your question about probability of tumor being cancer, I am certainly no expert.  From the little I understand, I think in general tumors in this organ have a 50/50 chance of being "c".  Of those that are, there are different types, stages and grades.  If caught early it is very treatable and outcome is optimistic.  If it is benign, then these are things you won't even have to discuss.    

Prayers to you and to him.  Please check back and keep us posted if you can.  

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Joined: Sep 2017

Thanks for your support. Not sure how I am going to deal with whole life. How iz your husband doing now? If I may ask

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