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Would u look into this further??

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No symptoms known to me, found during a lung c t scan, 3 cm kidney "lesion". Just notified by Rn at clinic.  Thanks in advance for feedback!

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Lucky find. If it is something it was caught early. Get yourself to a Urologist with a copy of your scan, not just the report.



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As Iceman said--get yourself to a urologist.  Don't put this off--you are lucky to catch it when it is small.


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My 4.5 inch mass was found while looking for something else!  I am 8 day post partial nephrectomy.  It was Clear cell RCC all contained and not spread.  Please check it out!

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Yes.......a scary as it may be, definitely get it checked out further. Sometimes you have to push until you get a reaction. Then push some more until you get answers.

hang in there.

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I absolutely would!! I would never play around with something like that (let's hope it is fine). It is great they caught it.

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These days a lot of kidney cancers are initially diagnosed serendipitously as the result of scans for other conditions.  Mine was found as part of an ultra-sound on my bladder.

3 cm is not big (yet) and kidney cancer is rather slow growing compared to some others, so don't panic, but by all means get this seen to and sorted out.  Partial nephrectomy is not so bad, especially if you are still relatively young and in reasonable health.

Best of luck with this.

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just wanted someone to know I followed up.


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Awesome!  Hoping for the best possible results!

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Hoping it's nothing to worry about but even if it's RCC, it's small and most likely surgery will be the end of it. All the best to you!

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