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Had anyone lose their hair on their first folfox treatment???

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Omg people so here is an update on my treatment, im doing so much good emotionally I had my first treatment 2 weeks ago everything was fine the first day second day Igor very sick a lot of nauseaaaa I couldnt eat everything tasted horrible so I had to go to the hospital was there for like 4 days after I got out of the hospital I started to eat now I'm eating ok again but I started to loose my hair 2 days ago,I thought people loose their hair gradually with time but noooo I touch my hair or take a bath and my hair just fall off even if I don't touch it it just falls, I cut my hait today veryyyy very short man like to see if maybe not having the weight of my long hair will help.... so I'm waiting if I touch it , it comes off. Is not easy to loose your hair ao fast but I'm on if I loose it all.


so has anyone had a similar experience. ?????

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my hair got thinner, and wasn't growing as fast as used to, si I shaved my head.

My folfox treatment was 5fu, leucovorin and oxylaplatin. You might be on different medications.

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My hair fell out to the point where I looked like Gollum. It did come out in vast quantities, but over a period of weeks. 

Stress on the body, especially if you were in hospital, my have hastened the hairloss, for you. 

I too shaved my head, and rocked the look. 


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My hair was thin to begin with (ever since I've been little) but it did thin quit a bit.  Never lost it all though and most people never could tell the difference after losing it.  There are hair thickening shampoos and conditioners that you can use to help with that.  Treatment can be very hard on the hair and nails and sometimes frustrating when seeing what you are losing.  Glad you cut it off.  It might give you more volume and lift.  Hope it stabilizes for you a little better without falling out much more.


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