What questions should I ask the Dr. about cyber knife?

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Hello, my name is Becky and I have lung cancer with brain mets. A little about me, I'm 39 and I was diagnosed on July 1 2017. I've been through a round of radiation on my whole brain and then a round of SBRT on my lung. The encologist has me on Tarceva, this is my 2nd month taking it. Anyways, I have an appointment on Thursday with a radiation oncologist to discuss cyber knife on my brain. I had another brain MRI done a couple of weeks ago and it showed that I have a tumor that's grown to the same size as the biggest on my lung. I was told it would only help with side effects I'm having because I have so many on my brain they can't spot treat all of them. So I guess my question is, what do I ask as far as pro and cons of having this Cyber knife Done? And does everyone think it's worth taking the chance? 


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    Search "cyberknife" on this website

    Becky, hopefully someone with experience on this subject will respond soon.  But in the meantime, do a search on the word "cyberknife" on this site.  It brings up some good discussions.  I'm so sorry you're going through this, especially so young.  Best success and God bless.

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    Well, I had my appointment

    Well, I had my appointment today and it was much better than expected. The dr I saw today looked over everything and in actuality the spot in question on my brain had shrunk due to the wbrt or the tarceva im taking. The majority of the swelling has gone down on my brain and feels as tho I can come off of the steroids. He told me though that if the headacheS get worse to contact him and he would order a different scan. He also wants to take over the treatment for my brain but did say that my dr did all the right things. Because obviously something worked! So for now, I've decided against having the cyber knife because he said the pills or radiation has worked and is still working. Yay! So I guess it's just a waiting game now, my next petscan isn't until October sometime. 

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    Glad to hear your great news!

    Fantastic news, Becky.  Wishing you continued best success!

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    Hi Becky. My 70 year old Father had 2 rounds of cyberknife for masses in the left lung. It was fairly straight forward and other than a small tender spot that lasted for about a week, he tolerated it very well. It is 3-5 treatments and the longest is the mapping procedure to pin point the mass and allow the medical physicist to set up the program with the radiologist. He had it with a fiducial marker placed (for computer guidance) and with out (margins were clearly defined). It is MUCH lower radiation and does significantly less damage to surrounding tissues. Wishing you continued success....