Well the report is in......

Looks as tho ol' NED came by this weekend. Wifes scans were posted to her patient portal Friday and the Impressions portion on both her CT of her chest and abdomen read......"No acute findings. No evidence of Malignancy". It was a pretty stressful time waiting on the results but it's in the books now.

The only hitch which gave us a bit of a scare until we researched it further was on one of the scans it was noted that there is an "Intraosseous Hemangioma" on her T6 vertebra. 

Its apparently a begnin (Thank Goodness) tumor that requires no treatment unless it starts causing back pain. She has actually had some back pain lately so we will be grilling our Oncologist pretty well when we see him in November to see what his recommendations are. 

So.......for the time being we are pretty happy with the results.

btw.........Uncle NED, my wife and I shared a cold Dos Equis Friday evening and we sent him on his way to spread more good news to all.

thank all you guys so much for everything.

Chad & Pam


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    Great news!!!! Awaiting the

    Great news!!!! Awaiting the arrival of the hurricane but I'm glad I checked in!

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    Oh my Kat.......please stay

    Oh my Kat.......please stay safe!!! We will be thinking of you and all people in Irmas path.

    Thanks for checking in.


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    I've been waiting to hear from you about the results.  Super news, Boondock.  Enjoy!!


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    Great news!!

    So happy for you both.  Let the celebration continue for many years to come.


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    Yay for Uncle Ned

    Such great news, thanks for sharing. I have another six month follow up coming soon. 

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    Wishing you many, many more visits from Ned!

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    YAY!!!  Congratulations!!!

    YAY!!!  Congratulations!!!

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    That's wonderful news! Enjoy

    That's wonderful news! Enjoy and celebrate!

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    Good job!

    Your hemangioma is likely from nephrectomy. Big ones have been seen to last more than a year.

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    Love your post

    Love your post


    Wishing her many more NED reports

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    That's Fantastic

    Great News!

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    And breathe

    wow.  So so happy for you both



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    I hear good news!!!

    I had a huge hemangioma that took months to dissolve and then some liquid that showed up for the first two scans.  Have heard of other cases as well so please don't worry.   Happy to hear good news!

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    How wonderful!

    I'm there.  Just put it behind you and get on with your life.

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    Thank you all so much!! It

    Thank you all so much!! It means a lot.