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Some answers

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Lou Ann M
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Tuesday was my day to spend visiting the m dichlorvos profession.  Labs, doctor's visit with m oncologists PA and Keytruda infusion.  My blood counts were all lower that they have been.  She really questioned me if I was bleeding someplace. No, not that I now oF. We had to wait around for awhile as I had An appointment late afternoon with a new orthopedist.  I finally got some answers about the pain I have been having in my hip and in the area between my shoulder blades.  What others thought was an SI joint problem, looks like it might be coming from a little higher on my spin, something about facets.  He is going to inject three ares with a numbing agent twice and if that helps at all, he will do an RFI ablatio.  The area that he touched hurt like crazy so I think he may be on a o something.  He said if this didn't work, we would keep working on it.  The pain between my shoulders is coming from the tumor that is between my spine and Vena Cava, that had been radiated in April. It is laying on some nerves and there is nothing he can do about it.  I appreciate his honesty..  he did think that maybe some of the OTC pain patches may help.  

Hugs And Prayers, Lou Ann

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Big day you had!  Glad they have a handle on something that may help you with your pain.  Hope it works for you (((HUGS)))

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Lou Ann M
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I know there are some messed up spelling. but it won't let me edit it.  It is supposed to say visiting my medical professionals.  I hate autocorrect 

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Lou Ann, Great update. Always look forward to hearing from you. How are you feeling these days? Sorry you still have pain in your back/hip. I look forward to hearing that this doctor indeed figured it out for you! Is that tumor on your spine stable? Do they think it will shrink with the Keytruda?

No worries on fixing your message. The information was still easy enough to understand! But that stuff drives me nuts too. :-)

Take care my friend.

Love and Hugs,


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Lou Ann M
Posts: 996
Joined: Feb 2015

Most of the time I feel decent, except for the pains in my back.    So far the tumor on my spine is staying stable.  We are hoping tha the Keytruda will keep everything stable, but I certainly would not be upset if it made things shrinking.

stay safe.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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Glad to hear you may be getting some relief from the pain. You amaze me, my friend. Please let us know if this works. 



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I'm glad you at least got some answers and I hope the pain control works. It's always interesting when the Dr asks about bleeding. Hmm. I was very anemic before diagnosis, but I had not been bleeding that I knew of until I really had symptoms and then it wasn't heavy. I wonder if microscopic and they just couldn't tell. Maybe they would know through a urine test who knows. Anyway as usual you are an awesome warrior!

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Anemia is a common side effect of Keytruda

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So glad at least you got some answers and some pain control.   Having pain really drags you down.   Hoping and praying that you get the much need relief from you pain.



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LouAnn, glad to hear that your new orthopedist seems to have a plan to help you with the pain. Hopefully your blood counts come back up after this last infusion. The Keytruda seems to be working so praying that you'll be able to continue with it. 

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LouAnn, yes, glad to hear you have some answers. For me not knowing is more difficult  Best wishes for gaining control of these issues.

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Lou Ann, as always, you inspire.  I would agree with you on appreciating the honesty - it is what I would want as well.  

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Thanks for your update, Lou Ann. Although I'm not on the boards as much as I'd like, I often think about the ladies here on this board. Praying that the Keytruda does its job and shrinks that tumor and that there will be less discomfort and pain. You are truly an encouragement and inspiration to me.


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