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I need success stories

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Joined: Sep 2017

I would love to hear some success stories about renal cell with metastasis or thoughts on could we posibly live with this as a chronic disease. 

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Salsa, I've been living with stage IV mRCC for just about 4 years now.  During that time I landed my dream job, continue to ride my motorcycles, play guitar, hike and travel (going to Italy in a couple weeks).  All while under treatment.  Mets still make their unwelcome appearance, but it's no reason to for me to loose heart or motivation.  You can click my picture/name for more info.

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Posts like this and other similar ones I've heard give me a lot of heart, but I am feeling like crap (without my small tumor even having been removed, graded, or staged yet) and the published survival numbers aren't encouraging.  What treatment(s) have been working for you, and what is your current prognosis?  I am further heartened by the fact that medical technology (along with technology in general) is now growing in leaps and bounds, as well as by some reports by doctors at the American Cancer Society suggesting that a "functional cure" for most cancers could be attainable in 5 to 10 years, similarly to how HIV/AIDS is now a chronic condition with a more or less normal lifespan when 20 years ago it was an instant death sentence.  I'm curious to hear more about your case and your treatment.


And thanks for sharing the story of your progress so far!

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Thankyou for sharing your story with me I feel like I need this kind of therapy to keep myself in the right  mindframe  to take on eachday with a positive attitude. You inspired me  I went for a hike this morning with my wife and dogs and it felt great!

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What a blessing these post help me sleep at night.

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I just celebrated my 6th years since my kidney removal I have being stage 4 for 5 years.

I still work full-time, play golf , go to the gym and traveled to the USA for nearly 3 weeks (love the states) in june -july.

I still keep living.



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I've been dealing with stage 4 cancer for 4 and a half years now.  Since my surgery, it's been two follow up encounters with mets in two different areas of my chest.  Right now, I'm pretty clean, thanks to three different drugs and a round of targeted radiation.  I will always be on some sort of chemo and I will never be cured, but remission for an extended period of time is definitely possible.  

Life is different than before the cancer, but it isn't all doom and gloom.  The threat will never leave you, though. 

My prayers that you do well.





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Salsa, I am stage two but I personally know someone who was diagnosed 16 years ago with brain Mets. Sure he' had his ups and downs but he's living a full  life,  and  he celebrated his 76 birthday few months back.

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I had RCC lung mets,  two in each lung five and 6  years after kidney removal, had all of them surgically removed and have had three NED scans in a row. No drugs at all, still work full time and do everything I did before the surgeries, if it wasnt for the huge scars from the lung surgeries I wouldnt even realize I had cancer, read my profile.. Good luck.

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