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Uncle NED is visiting but hasn't moved in yet...

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An update on my son-in-law John who was diagnosed last summer with stage IV, grade 4 sarcomatoid RCC.  The latest scans came back a week or so ago and there are NO visible tumors anywhere and the one on his aorta that was zapped with SBRT a few months ago is totally non-existant now (only scar tissue from the radiation burn in the lung is there).  He continues on Opdivo every two weeks which seems to be working well for now which still causes him extreme fatigue.  He is 43 yo and has two children, 3 and nearly 2.  We feel very blessed at this time.

I understand that you really can't cry NED until 3 sucessive scans show no evidence of disease...but really...so far so good!


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Great news, great news indeed!!

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Wasn't aware of Three's-the-Charm, but you DO realize that Uncle NED is a busy guy who's always on the road, right? So "moving in" just means using an address for residency, legal, and tax purposes (He'll visit, too, wherever one lives).

Happy dancing...!

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Wonderful news. So very happy for your family!!!

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Very good news! So happy for you and your family.

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That is wonderful news

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You took the words right out of my mouth--Wonderful News!!. 


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Celebration worthy!  I wasn't aware of the 3 times rule with NED.  As far as I'm concerned, everytime there's good news, it's evident NED is present.

God Bless,


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Great news, very happy for him and your family

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What wonderful news. Reading your post has made my day!  Thank you for updating. 

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