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We have a plan

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After the Shock of been told I had a 3.7cm kidney mass we now have a plan


a. da vinici partial will be done on Sept 21st

b surgeon measured mass as 4.2 cm so I went into meltdown again thinkng that it had spread everywhere 

c). Chest CT was clear

d) didn't have a bone scan so panicking about that but doesn't think  I need one

e) Surgeon thinks operation will be the  end as no spread and is sitting somewhat outside of right kidney

f) also says he is not sure if it is cancer but I feel terrible so I am not holding out much hope

g)youngest son still doesn't know.... no idea how I tell him

h)waiting is horrific,... would rather have the pain


thanking you all so much for the kind messages..

 you are all super


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I also think you'll be ok. I guess that's not really helpful. What exactly are you feeling? 

The size of my tumour was a bit different on different scans, so don't let that worry you. The measurement on the final pathology report was actually smaller than the radiologist's report. I'm still wondering if it actually shrunk. Not likely.

I don't know how to help you to be calm. I was nervous early on but had a feeling that things would turn out well.

I also had a feeling of acceptance of whatever was going to happen.


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Thank you so much... we are very similar so i have you to hold to. ( minus the complications of course)

have heart palpitations ( and don't anyone say it is anxiety like the  GP... it's not anxiety I have had it for two months). pain in back and pelvic area and very very tired amongst other things.

i don't think anything will help me to stay calm... I can't leave my children without a father or mother so I will fight every second of every day

although I admire your great strengtht I won't be joining you on that one.


But I admit I am less petrified.    I  thank you from the bottom of my heart





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Ever stand in front of a mirror, turning your hips and middle ever so slightly this way and then the shoulders like that, to see how you can look thinner? I'm convinced our kidney masses are doing the same thing. No difference in size, it's just the angle. Plus maybe horizontal CT slices vs vertical ones, you think? 

The waiting is the pits, for sure. If you think you're going to work yourself into a state, pick Rhode Island. Like your kidney mass, it's small. Unlike your kidney mass, it's scenic. I have a no-scratch spatula for those times I need to scrape myself of the ceiling. Hasn't failed me yet. 

All the best. Keep us posted. 

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You can sure turn a room.. oh beautiful girl

like  you  I want to know who knows and doesn't know about my condition as my priority are my boys but today I told a good friend at work who was kind  and cried with me then told me to make sure I had my work finished before I  went on sick leave


My reply ...lnot a fecking chance lady...

my you could have sang  and danced in that scenario 



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Mine was 2.9cm and removed by a partial nephrectomy. So far, so good! That was last February so I'm approaching 2 years. I didn't feel the need to tell my 7 year old it was cancer. I just told him I had a bump on my kidney that needed to be removed. I didnt think he needed the extra worry of the word "cancer". You'll do great!

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I agree..l so many people tell me I should tell him. (Although your child is very young. ) but why should I give him that fear

thank you for your Kindness..l every day I feel stronger  mentally so I might actually do this

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So glad you have a plan now. Your case sounds similar to my wife's. I think her pathology report read hers at 3.5cm. 

I know you are at your wits end......totally understandable. Though I didn't actually go thru it physically like she did, I was there every step of the way and I would have gladly traded places with her and taken that burden off of her in a heartbeat. If they woulda let me in that surgery room, you bet your butt I would have been in there too. Haha

Now its time to get this Demon out and go live life. You'll do great. We'll be saying a prayer for you and sending good vibes and well wishes your way.

Chad & Pam

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you wife is one lucky lady to have you batting and fighting every second for her

so glad you are on the right road... long may it continue 


thank you so much  for your kind thoughts... two weeks today and one thing I do promise is that I will start to live again... I have been in a terrible black hole since I lost my husband


will keep you posted... and thank you both



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