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Kidney removal for RCC and now burning when urinate

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Has anyone experienced extreme burning and painful urination after kidney removal? I had kidney removed 7/21/17 for RCC and four weeks after surgery I started having a lot of pelvic pain and painful urination. Since then I was treated for kidney and bladder infection but urine cultures have been clear. I had a CT without contrast and it showed nothing. I had a cystoscopy which was clear other than my urethra had to be stretched. Please help!  

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I had in that area was when they took out the catheter.  Did the doctor say if the stretching of the urethra has something to do with the pain?  Only other idea I have is the concentration of your urine.  Are you drinking a lot of water?  Hoping for the best for you.


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Sometimes the urinary tract takes time to calm down after a severe infection.  Are you still being treated for infection?  The antibiotics can be pretty rough and may take a while for the spasm's to calm down.  Pushing fluids?

Other than that, I'd advise consulting with your urologist again.

Best wishes,


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Two days post cystoscopy and stretching of urethra and pain is finally gone. No more peeing 28 times a day or burning. Whoohoo 

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Sorry, I didn't see that you'd had a cystoscopy.

I had a pyeloscopy and that was unpleasant. I was dripping blood after the scope was withdrawn. For the next few days I had burning pain during urination.

Can't they make a smaller camera?

The nephrectomy itself caused no such problem though my testicles and pubic bone were tender for a week or two.



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