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hope for the future

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Hello, I just joined the group, well a few months ago I was diagnosed with clear cell renal carcinoma that had spread to the liver. I  immediately went in for surgery to have the left kidney and 12.5cm mass removed followed by a surgery to have the left side of my liver removed. All was well until a I had a CT scan a few weeks later that showed that the cancer had spread to the lungs, the other side of the liver, and a few other parts of the body. The biggest tumor at 3cm in my pelvis region. I am currently taking an infusion of torisel, 25mg once a week, as a chemo therapy. Now, I am not one to just lie down and take it so I am looking for answers as to what other people are using and if they have had any success. I asked a few doctors about what I can do to improve my chances, they always say the same thing, "nothing." It was not until a current cancer patient highly recomended a nutrionist that I learned that I can do more than nothing. The nutrionist has perscribed curcumin, glutamine, Ip6, vitamin D, and melatonin. I have since added chaga tincture and tea, Milk thistle, and ginger. So hit me up if you have any questions or hope for the future.

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I don't have much to add other than to try whatever you feel may help.  I'm sorry they are all telling you there is "nothing" you can do. 

I'll have you in my prayers,


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I read an interesting book 'Radical Remissions' by Kelly Turner. She interviewed many people around the world who had long term remissions of late stage cancer. Some people survive unexpectedly but apparently nobody has ever studied them.

One of her findings was that survivors took control of their illness. Not that they ignored medical advice but that they made their own decisions.

I think you'd find it intresting reading.


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I am new to this site as well. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Advanced RCC it had spread to my 7th thoracic vertebrae and was compressing my spinal cord. It also spread to my right femur. I still have both kidneys. I’ve had 4 major surgeries, 1 to my leg and 3 to my back. In March of 2014 a CT showed a small tumor on my right kidney. I was taking Sutent. The Dr. said we would scan again in 3 months and there was nothing he could do. That’s when I took matters into my own hands and started drinking ionized water. The only thing I did different was to drink the water. Ate the same, exercised the same lived the same. In July of that year I had another scan and they could not find any trace of any tumor anywhere. Think what you want, say what you will I am a believer in ionized water. I wish you luck and you can survive.   


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Praying hard for you 

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that  you can fight this... there are some remarkable people on here with many tales of hope

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but have some close parallels.  I do hope the meds and alternatives you have found thus far help you.

Click on my user name and read my story about RCC, mets to liver and nodes, etc.  It's been a rough ride at times and I have to call the hospital today to see if my labs are good enough for my umpteenth CT on Friday.

Hugs and good wishes.


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