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I'm a new member here, currently on active surveillance.  I thought some folks might be helped by my recent experience with this DNA test.

The Confirm MDX test is done on tissue samples from a prostate biopsy that are negative.  It yeilds a likelihood that there was cancer nearby the site, even though the biopsy was negative.

It is generally used for people with rising PSAs, but negative biopsys, to decide whether future biopsy's are needed. 

My doctor, however, used it to provide further information for AS.  He is involved in a clinical study of the test, and is very favorably impressed with the reliability of the results.

It gives a likelihood both that you may have cancer with a Gleason score of 6 or under, and a second percentage chance that you have a cancer with a Gleason score greater than 6.  


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    Thanks, many of the Uros are

    Thanks, many of the Uros are using genomics in a similar fashion. My doc ordered a Decipher test for the same reason.  Denis

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    Wish my Uro had known about this test

    I certainly wish my Uro had known about this test, if it existed three years ago, which is when my PSA was "only" 12 and my biopsy was negative. In fact, I wish my Uro would have done anything more than what he did, which was nothing. I had to change Uro's just to get an MRI.  Sorry if I sound cynical.  Cancer will do that to you.