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Hi. I was wondering if there was anyone familiar with Adenocarcinoma of the lung, which has spread to the kidney, hip and back? I was wanting to get some insight on this topic and what anyone else has experienced. My mother was recently diagnosed and we are trying to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to make some educated decissions. Thank you and God Bless.

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Babybear, sorry to meet you under these difficult circumstances.  Hopefully, someone with some information or experience with your mom's condition will respond.  If you haven't already done so, also use the CSN search engine for terms like adenocarcinoma of the lung.  That way you'll see what has been posted previously.  You and your mom should find a lot of good information here.  Another good website is Inspire.com.  God bless you and your family.

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Thank you for the inspiring words and the useful information. I hope we can continue to connect.

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My brother n law was recently diagnosed with 2 primary cancers, stage 4 lung & kidneys cancer, Reich has also moved to the bone in his right front clavicle causing it to break at the shoulder.  Hospice has been here 2 weeks, and we are trying to learn what to expect.  He has been given 3 months,  we would be grateful for any information


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Dear Baby Bear,  My husband had Adenocarcinoma that spread to the liver, spine, pelvis brain, etc.  what is you mother currently being treated with?  My husband was on targeted therapies Alectinib, and also did some radiation and traditional chemotherapies.  The targeted therapies were good for 7 to 9 months and then they would have to go to a newer version... He ran out of FDA approved next generation drugs and was not a candidate for immunogens like Opdivo due to his tumor DNA make up.  Tell me a bit about your mom.


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I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Adenocarcinom lung cancer in 2013, they attempted to remove it by robotic surgery but, were unable to because they got in there they found it was attached to a main vein in my lung. I opted to go with chemo/radaition treatment. They were able to shrink the tumor and I went into remission for almost 4 years. This past spring it went down to my left adrenal gland (which they found by chance), I had surgery to remove the tumor and adrenal gland back in July and I am now healthy enough to start chemo treatments tomorrow. I am keeping postive that this treatment will help as well. I just lost my Mom to stage 4 cancer on August 31st 2017, my Mom was 77 years old and they found the cancer to late to be able to help her. My suggestion would be, find an Onogolist that you are happy with and trust, and have him/her explain ALL options available to your Mom, and then decided what would be the BEST option for your Mom. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your Family.




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