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Prayers please

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Please pray for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey down south in the USA.  I have family & friends down there and although we sent a 22ft. enclosed trailer loaded with donations down there a couple of days ago, doesn't even come close to touching what their needs are.

Of course safety is a concern as well, only to complicate matters more.  It's a pretty toxic environment right now with raw sewerage everywhere!  My personal goal is to get down there to help with the rebuilding phase.  I'm pretty good at swinging a hammer, might as well put those talents to work again, right?  (we use to flip houses)

Pray, pray, and pray some more.

Thank you,


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Sending our best to the people of SE Texas and SW louisiana.



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Prayers  sent 

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Sorry, Donna for all your family is going through.

Yes, we need to keept their needs in the forefront!

Keep us informed as to how they are doing ok?

Sending you  loving hugs,


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Keeping your family and everyone affected in my thoughts.

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all I've thought about. Too sad.

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My family in the area was safe but isolated and had cabin fever, so they choose to contact me. Being valued for my entertainment skills, I was able to keep abreast of their status. It's going to be such a long haul. I hope the rest of us don't get bored and wander off to the next crisis of the month. 

Prayers and good thoughts continue....

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