RCC & Pancreatic Tumor

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I'm in Houston for trips to MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I just found out about a pancreatic tumor after my 2 rcc.  The next thing you know . . . death and destruction with a hurricane!

Harvey hurt my friends and family here in Houston, but so far, there is no news of the death of anyone I know.  I'm going to have my boyfriend help me with the searching via computer.  As for me, I was battered by wind and rain only.  So it was new tumor, Harvey, and back to what to do about the new tumor.  My stress level is high because of both things.  However, I am too weak in the body to help anyone with cleaning up homes, so I can pray for Harvey victims and cancer survivors.  Then, I can pray for me.  Then, the next item on the agenda is . . . cry for a bit.


with even less access to computers now



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    I hope things have settled

    I hope things have settled down a bit since you made your post. Don't worry about not being able to help people clean up, your health is the most important thing at this time. Let us know how things are going when you get some decent Internet access time.