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After talking in person with 2 FNHL patients I thought it may be helpful to some people considering Single Agent Rituxan to consider the following when developing a treatment plan with their Doctor: Patients with relapsed FNHL who opted for Rituxan monotherapy and were treated with an initial eight weeks of Rituxan survived approximately two-times longer than patients treated for four weeks (23 months versus 13 months). This appears to be true for patients opting for initial Rituxan monotherapy too. Their remissions are generally longer with the 8-week vs 4-week regimen.I think the potential benefit of eight weeks vs four weeks, especially when combined with 24 bi-monthly maintenance doses is worth considering. If it doubles remission time then it may well be more cost effective too. It is also the least side effects of any other treatment. This would be true for patients with no major organ tumors. Just my thoughts. It was very effective in my case (FNHL Stage IV grade 1). But of course I am not a doctor And every case is slightly different though treatment seems to be remarkably similar across the board. It won't hurt to ask about it. Hope this helps someone out there avoid the ravages of traditional chemo.


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    Should have said "every 8 weeks for 24 months" not 24 bi-monthly doses. I apologize for the error.