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Good evening.


I am 34 and based in England, uk.


Nearly 2 weeks ago, I noticed a pain/tenderness to the right groin area.


No other symptoms. Though I have felt a bit tired as not a great sleeper and did have a couple minor bouts of cold previously


I am pretty healthy, though do have food allergies, hay fever, eczema, and mild asthma.


I am slim/skinny, and play sports.


I saw the doctor after a few days, he said nodes were up both sides! Checked my testicles, abdomen, throat, temperature, asked re weight loss fever, if I traveled abroad recently. All was clear, no issue.


He said it's probably reactive, and if after 3 weeks, pain continue, or swelling gets worse etc, to have blood test.


So, a week on, pain has definitely subsided. I can touch the right area and no tenderness.


A few days ago, I checked both sides of the groin. I could feel the left single pea node, and it felt smaller than the right side.

Today, both sides feel the same, ie small, but just about can feel them while standing



Now, what is normal? Pain gone, good. But should a skinny guy still be able to just feel them with finger tips while standing? The doctor did remark that it could be as I'm 'thin'. I did get the odd random niggle of pain, in both region, not necessarily where the nodes are, but for like a couple seconds at a time. Nothing like the soreness I had when it started initially


But given I've never examined this area before, I can't do a before/after comparison.


Leads me to: should I see my doctor after the three weeks given what I've said?


And what type of infection could have caused the swelling in the first place? Not colds etc surely?


I did bruise my left foot playing sport not long before all this happened, and my job does involve me being on my feet all day, but he didn't seem too interested in those possibilities..


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    Dr is right, you need followup

    If it were me I would definitely follow up with the doctor. It does not at all sound like lymphoma to me, but I am not a doctor.  However something is causing the swollen nodes, so you need to find out what is going on. Lymphomas are normally painless. Could be anything - allergy, infection, parasite, something you ate. I am very familiar with England and know that toxoplasmosis for example is very common, especially in rural farming areas. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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    Thank you for your help.

    Thank you for your help.


    I live in a large city neat to London, so not a farm in sight or at all rural! Think Chicago or something.


    In no way am I making excuse, but pain has subsided in that original right side, both nodes have shrunk and to their original (I guess) size, and being thin I can just about feel them - does that indicate swelling though?


    It's been a week since I saw the doctor, and pain and node size down, so will monitor til the 3 week.mark (the Monday after next) before deciding.

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    Lymph nodes are not cancer detectors

    Lymphoma tumors are not generally tender and do not normally recede, either on their own, or with common medications. I see no reason to suspect a malignancy at this time. Please allow doctor to perform all follow up, as poking and prodding those nodes can cause them to enlarge.