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New Diagnosis

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Hello, 58 Yr old Male here & was told this past Tuesday after CT Scan I had a 6cm Tumor in lower Right Lung and Doc new exactly what it was and need to determine what stage is in. MRI & PET Scans today, Broncoscopy next Wednesday. Cant tell you how mind & Emotions are racing. Heard that this time before actual Diagnosis is pretty hard. Am focused on completing tests and trying to what I need to today only & stay off the internet on mortality rates from cancer!! All kind of end of life thoughts going through my head but not there yet. Just sold my business & retired 2 months ago. Still plan on having some fun but need to try to see what can be done about this 1st. Doc said that if not spread could remove lower lobe of lung & follow up with Chemo. Offered a little hope there I guess. Any comments are welcome & appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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JRL, so sorry that you're going through this, but am glad to hear the diagnostic scans and the biopsy are being done so quickly.  It is absolutely correct that the waiting period is the worst!  Once you have a diagnosis, know the stage and what treatment will be, it's easier to come to grips with.  Be sure to ask for copies of all scans and reports.  From the survivor stories on this website and inspire.com, you'll find that even at stage IV there's very good reason for hope.  This website has lots of good info, and is a great place to vent and ask questions.  God bless.

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JRL, not sure how they can know exactly what it is without biopsy, and they usually don't biopsy until 1 cm. Is this possibly a 6CM tumor? It's never cancer until a biopsy is done, only suspicious. Wishing you all the best and keep us posted. Glad your doctors are getting on it right away.

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Yes, 6cm, Not 6mm. Thanks for the optomism! I am not making any judgement until all of the test results and hoping.......

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<p>Trying to figure out PET scan results, but they certainly seem to indicate the presence of canceerous cells in both lobes.&nbsp; I am 62 and a smoker, who was JUST quitting when this scan was done (about a week ago. Have been referred to a lung specialist, but won't be able to see him for another week (which has me a bit worried as well.&nbsp; If anyone can help me to understand these results, I would truly appreciate it!</p>
<p>"Several hypermetabolic spiculated nodules in right upper lobe which are suspicious for a primary bronchogenic malignancy.&nbsp; However, an infectious process, such as coccidiomycosis, TB, or an inflammatory process, such as sarcoidoidosis could also have this appearance."</p>
<p>"Multiple, approx. 10-15 tiny solid and groundglass pulmonary nodules throughout the left upper and left lower nodes.&nbsp; This has the appearance of an infection or inflammatory process, however, if the patient is found to have a primary bronchogenic malignancy, then metastic disease could also have this appearance"&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>What are "normal" SUV numbers (if any)? Noted in the report are nodules with SUVs of 4.7, 4.5, 3.7.</p>

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Dear rmbc,

Until they do a biopsy, the PET scan can only give them evidence of suspiciuos masses. It is not outcome determinative. You can make yourself crazy trying to figure out what the radiologist said in his report. Just talk to our doctor and get a biopsy scheduled and try to keep cool until those results come in. Only a biopsy can tell the doctor for sure if you have cancer cells present in your body.

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