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Maybe premature, but worried for my dad

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Good afternoon all. It feel strange to be posting here. I hope no one minds- my dad had a biopsy done yesterday on an "inflammatory rind" surrounding his Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. We originally were doctoring because my dad has terriblepain in his hip and leg and has bad circulation in his right leg. They can't do a stent because of his AAA, so we were scheduled with a specialist, but first we had to see this doctor because of what thw thickening around his AAA.

I just need some input. The doctor that we had mentioned it could be an old infection, calcium buildup,  or lymphoma, and in his notes in dad's patient portal he wrote this: "Primary Inflammatory Aneurysm, IGg4 disease, Lymphoma, or infection are all likely." 


Of of course the minute I heard Lymphoma I got scared. He also said they don't know what it is and my dad was a bit of a puzzle. He did say that he was glad to hear my dad wasn't having chills, night sweats, fevers, no appetite or weight loss. He also said some of the tests he ran were all in normal range, and I also see his white blood cell count is normal. He then ordered a biopsy which we had done yesterda.

i guess I am wondering if anyone has had a similar situation? My dad has really had a rough year- he fell on Christmas and it seems since then he's had all sorts of problems. He has a cyst on his testicle, was being treat for epydidimitis, which along with taking advil for his back pain, the Cipro antibiotic  was making him sick, losing 20 lbs in a matter of weeks. They put him on a stomach pill which has helped although he is sure careful what he wants now because of heartburn he gets. Around Easter he was put on a second round of cipro, which made him break out in hive, and felt ill again and has the chills. He stopped taking that and those symptoms subsided. He hasnt put much weight back on, although he hasn't lost anymore. No pain or tender stomach.

i am worried sick. The waiting is torture. The radiologist said that nothing alarming showed when they initially looked at the tissue samples on a slide, but that really didn't mean anything. 

I guess just looking for words of encouragemen. I guess my thought is it would be ironic to have lymphoma show up right around his AAA. His blood count is good and other tests were in normal range. He has no lumps, swollen glands, has a good appetite and is in no acute distress. Any thoughts? I want to stay positive but I don't want to be blindsided either.


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Sandy Ray
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We all seem to at times go to the worst case scenario. No one on this forum can give any real diagnoses. The only way to have definitive diagnosis of Lymphoma is a biopsy. There are so many types and only a biopsy can tell you that as well. Some encouragement though. I was diagnosed in February with  a rare type of Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was diagnosed at the same time with a rare case of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I started treatments in March. I finished treatments in July. As of today I am cancer free with another scan next Friday.

It very well could be an infection so I would say try to be positive and face the results as they come. Often we worry about things that never happen. However be encouraged that many types of Lymphoma are treatable. The treatment is not fun but is doable and it is not necessarily a death sentence.

There are lots of people on this site willing to help. When you get a diagnosis please let us know and you will be in our prayers.


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@sandy- I am so happy for you and it's so encouraging to hear that you are cancer free. I pray it stays that way for you!

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except for possibly infection, to me at least, lymphoma would be the least scary of the diseases your Doctor listed. Just my opinion. Lymphoma is responsive to treatment and in many cases curable. Good luck To you and your Dad. Doesn't sound like lymphoma to me.

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Thank you so much for your encouraging words. That does make me feel bette. All of the possibilities are extremely scary mainly because this was so unexpected to deal with. And we don't know what exactly we will be working with. But a lot of people have to deal with worse so I'm trying to keep my chin up. Will update when I hear. These boards are sure a comfort to have ❤️

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