MP-MRI in Bellingham/Seattle of Washington State

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I was givign PSA of 25 with prostate cancer in family (father and older brother). Digital showed enlarged (BPH) but no lumps.

Urologist here in Bellingham wants a TRUS biopsy before anything else.

I am considering to try to have MP-MRI done first so that my initial biopsy would be assisted with the MP-MRI results.

I hope that if I do things this way that I can avoid and initial biopsy; do the MP-MRI; and then do a biopsy; reducing the number of biopsies.

What I need to know is do any of you know if there is a facility with an MP-MRI for prostate capability in Bellingham or, if not that, in the Seattle, Washington area? I really don't want to have to go out of state to a place like Boston or Dana Farber, or other large cancer center which I would have to fly to.

If I contact hospitals in Seattle, is it enough to simplay ask for MP-MRI or do I need to ask for other specific terms?

Thank you

Mark Allyn


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    Here is input that may be useful to your question.

    (PLease in the future post your questions to one thread, since it is hard to check various thread to see what has been said, and in the future it will be easier for you to reference your questions)

    An optimal protocol for a biopsy is first to have a 3T MRI that may determine suspecious lesions; next a radiologist ranks these suspecious lesions, if any; then the results of the MRI is fused into a biopsy machine that has three dimensional capabiliy and these lesions are able to be targeted, improving the ability of the biopsy to find prostate cancer, if any. I would estimate that less than one perceent of biopsy machines have this capability, and are mainly found at centers of excellance (mostly teaching hospitals). ....All insurances do not make this available to those who are part of their insurance pool.

    The other 99 percent of biopsy machines have two dimensional capability and cannot target with great accuracy.

    Below is information that i just posted to mcin777 that you might find useful in your quest to find a a facilty near you that has a fusion biopsy.

    The Artemis machine (3 dimensional biopsy machine) is used at several teaching hospitals. You may wish to contact Eigen, the manufacturer of this equipment to find out which facilities use the Artemis machine, that you may wish to visit.. 


    Medical supply store in Nevada County, California


    Address: 13366 Grass Valley Ave # A, Grass Valley, CA 95945


    Closed today 



    If you are so inclined, UCSF has fusion biopsy equipment since 2014. They are a high volume center

    You may wish to check other centers of excellence closer to your home.

    US News and World report ranks hospitals by speciality.


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    PSA can be elevated by various factors; a large prostate presses on the uretha thus secreting extra psa, bike riding before the blood test, digital rectal exam before the psa, a urinary infection that can be treated, even a hard stool.


     did you have any other PSA's or diagnostic testing, did you have a digital rectal examine, what was observed.

    what  is your age.