Bicycling After Biopsy

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I have appt for initial biopsy after PSA of 25. Biopsy is TRUS.

What I wonder from you folks who do bicycle; how long should I expect to stay off an upright bicycle?

If I cannot ride my upright, could I ride my recumbant bicycle?

This is very important to me as my bicycle is my sole form of transportation. I do not own a car.

If I cannot bike at all, should a TRUS biopsy impact walking at all? If I am without the bike, I will be making a bunch of 1+ mile walks. Fortunately, all my routes (biking and walking) are flat

If you are curious, I am in Bellingham, Washington. The Urogoly clinic is near St. Joes hospital; about 1 mile from my house.

Mark Allyn


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    Since there can be pain after the biopsy, (the pain is focused on where you sit) it is advisable that you obtain a ride. Initially there is less pain right after the biopsy, but increases as the anesthesia that is injected into to prostate at the time of the procedure wears off.  Hopefully you would have someone drive you  from the biopsy procedure.

    The amount of pain varies the next day. You can make a decision at that time.

    For a few days after the biopsy there is significant blood in your urine. Blood in semen a couple weeks.


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    Bicycle / Biopsy


    I was a road cyclist and was out on the road for 2 to 3 hours per day.  When diagnosed I had a PSA of 69. I had no symptoms.   When I had my biopsy, they told me to wait a day or two and then go back to my normal bike work.  I had no pain following the biopsy, and no blood in my urine.  Results came back with Gleason of 7 and 40% involvment of Prostate.  Had Robotic surgery, followed by two years of Lupron and 8 weeks of follow up radiation treatments to prostate cavity was precaution.  After surgery I was told to stay off a bike seat for 8 weeks.  It was driving me nuts.  I kept bugging my doctors.  My doctors said I could go back to my indoor trainer bike after 6 weeks, instead of waiting 8 weeks, because of my progress. As to walking, We bought a treadmill and I was on it the day after the Biopsy and 2 says after my robotic surgery.   I've been on the spinner bike almost every day since for 100+ minutes per day.  I have not gone back on the road bikes because the radiation and other treatments have made me unstable at times and I don't feel secure on a road bike in traffic.  Gave my road bikes to the young man who helped me with / did my radiation treatments.  Alan became a very good friend.  I was diagnosed 4 years ago tomorrow (Aug. 29, 2013).  Had surgery Dec. 2013.  Had some leakage problems, especially when getting off the bike seat.  Now, that has completely stopped and I no longer need to wear pads for leakage.

    As to recumbant bicycles, I'm was a hard core cyclist, so I never tried a recumbant.  But from what I've heard, you might be OK on a recumbant.  They gave me the option of either an upright or recumbant bike when I was in physical therapy (as warm up).  I always stayed with the upright.  Creature of habit, I guess.   

    Our cases are all different, so follow what your doctors tell you.  What worked for me may be different for what your situation is.  You will get back to your bike in time.  I cannot adn will not tell you what to do.  But I will say----Follow your doctors orders.

    Hang in there

    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers

    Love, Peace and God Bless


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    Thank you!

    Thank you all for the help!

    My PSA is 25. However, I had biked and kayaked withing 3 days of that PSA draw. I alwo biked the 2 miles to the office for the PSA draw, so I don't know how reliable that is.

    One thing that I am considering is to have an MP-MRI done prior to the biopys so that if there is something, then the biopsy can be helped with the mp-mri results.

    Only other symptom besides PSA is enarged prostate; no lumps on digital. I am under med for BPH; with frequent nighttime urination.


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    No difference for me

    I am a daily small wheel rider. I usually do 20 to 30 miles per day on my 16" folding bikes with firm, narrow, split saddles.  Six months ago, urologist strongly suggested that I not ride for two weeks before PSA draw.  I complied. The result was a rise from 6.5 (one year ago)  to 7.1.  Recently I had another PSA draw and rode my bikes up until the day before the draw... another 7.1.  Urologist asked about bike riding and I told him. He said "Hmmm, OK".  


    Biopsy six months ago was 12 cores clear.  Recently had MRI which showed small mass in upper right lobe of gland.  Following week had a targeted biopsy, 3 cores. Gleason 4+4.  Waited two days after each biopsy before resuming riding 8 or 10 miles.  Felt no pain, maybe slight discomfort was all.