Questions for First Meeting with Oncologist

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I have my first appointment with the Oncologist this morning.  Here's the final list of questions I'm taking to appointment.  I'm posting in case it's helpful to anyone else:

  • Treatments
    • Recommended treatments and why?  What specific drugs?
    • How are treatments administered?
    • How many treatments?  How long?
    • Goal of treatments, i.e. control symptoms, cure or other?  Outcome to hope for, i.e. remission, NED, or cured?
    • Pros & cons of these treatments?
    • Are there any trials I should be looking at?
    • Survival rate likely for someone like me (instead of the overall statistic for population at that stage)?
    • Can treatments be delayed to start after (date)?
    • Side Effects
      • Hair loss?  When does hair start to grow back?
      • Able to function during treatments?
      • Mood swings?
      • Weight loss?
  • Any changes to be made to my current diet & supplements?
  • My medical history, current and past problems, I want her to be aware of.       
  • Questions about Test Results -- Significance of comments on report.  (Understanding is key so I can ask about changes when periodic future PET or CT scans are done.)
    • Pathology or biopsy report
    • PET scan
    • CT scan

Best to you all.