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It's Our Turn...Surgery Today!

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My husband, Mike, is in surgery right now.  I want to thank everyone here for your support the last three months.  I truly appreciate it.  You have all helped me tremendously.  I'm scared, but I'm relieved it's finally here.  It's going to be a long day.

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I woukd say painless as well, but I would be laughed off this board.




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Ugh!  Thanks for the laugh though, Iceman!

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Bay Area Guy
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May he have the most boring and uneventful surgery possible, along with a speedy recovery.

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Bay Area Guy,

Thank you so much!  

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All the very best to both of you! Let us know how it went and how he's doing.

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And here we are, almost 4 years later, drinking coffee not thinking about it (well, I guess I"m sort of thinking about it, but you know what I mean!!) Try to keep busy to pass the time, walk around a bit, and prepare for him to be groggy and make sure doesn't try to "be a hero" with the pain meds especially in the beginning. Best to you. . . 

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I know how you feel. I was a nervous wreck. So thankful for all the family and friends that sat with me that day and to the wonderful people here that sat with me in spirit.

i hope he has the most boring, ho-hum, typical surgery ever!!

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And not only will I be praying for your hubby & you but also the doctor's hands.  That they get in there, grab the little ******* with a quickness and accuracy and get the heck out!  Wink  Let the healing begin and may life after be filled with health & happiness.

God Bless,


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Surgery was a major success!  Thank you so much everyone!  He is in recovery now, and I'll be able to see him soon!  Oh, we had visiting dogs that came into the surgical waiting area to comfort everyone!

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So glad to hear it! Keep us posted. How cute about the dogs :)

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YAAAY YAAY he's on his way!!

Know that he was given a drug called Versed which cause amnesia for a short while. So if he repeats himself etc, its ok.

Also they use that gas to pump up the abdomen so the surgeon can see.

It gets trapped in weird places, mostly the shoulder. Remind him its ONLY gas, but yes, it is painful.

WALKING will help. But I also swung my arm around to move that gas.

He's so lucky to have YOU my dear!

Ask any questions. We ALL survived surgery. 

I am a firm believer in using ICE and a lumbar wrap to support those tender muscles.

I used that wrap even to bed. Helps to get UP from sitting or laying down.

I also asked for ICE in hospital and at home would put it over incision but over underwear. 

It helps reduce the swelling that hurts. Worked quickly and better than more and more opiates.

Sending you CALM, and HEALING vibes!


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I had my surgery early in the morning and got to my room about 4:00 pm.  Recovery takes a while. With all the drugs they put in you to knock you out, it takes awhile to come around.

Continued good luck!


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Glad to hear surgery went well. Hoping a fast recovery for both of you. Positive thoughts!  

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Fast recovery !

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Thank you so much everyone!  He's doing well!

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Mighty Frog
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Wow! Great to hear that operation was a great success. Now make sure get enough rest and try don't over do it (like me... 2 weeks later back to hospital due to bleeding)... Take things slowing and just relax..... Wish Mike speedy recovery...... Things will get better after 6 - 8 weeks..... 

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Bay Area Guy
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Wonderful to hear that he's doing well.  Just make sure he follows all the instructions the nurses give him, particularly about walking and about using the spyrometer (the blue and yellow plastic breathing gadget).  Both will help him recover a lot quicker.

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Glad to hear he -- and you -- have made it through the surgery well. Keep up the good work, and walk, walk, walk!

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Great news and congratulations on the successful surgery.

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Thank you all for the advice (believe me, I'm listening) and well wishes!


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Glad that all went well.

'Major success' sounds great.


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My husband wants me to thank all of you for your well wishes and advice!

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