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EC survivor now have infiltrating basal cell on temple

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I was just told that I have an infiltrating basal cell in my hairline by my temple. My derm has told me that it could be a lot bigger than the dime sized lesion on the surface. So strange. I went to the derm with my hubby for his f/u for precancerous lesions and we asked the dr to look at a scab on my temple. He biopsied it and then later called me back that it was basal cell. He has told me I might be at his office all day during the Mohs procedure and said it could have traveled down the hair follicles further in. That kind of scares me. I thought basal was the least harmful skin cancer and was happy I did not have melanoma but have looked it up and it sounds like it can do a lot of harm. Does anyone out there have some encouragement for this situation. I think it was there a lot longer than I first thought. So if anyone can tell me some positive info I would love to hear. Thanks in advance. This site was a godsend during my journey with EC back in 2009.


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I wonder how you're doing?  I was diagnosed with basal cell on my nostril and am currently undergoing radiation so as to have as little risk of defiguration on my nose

because of the location.  Right now I look like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer!!  Hope you're doing well and it seems a shame that nobody bothered to respond to your

question here!  I mean on cancer.org!  

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