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scalp metastasis

gregslovey Member Posts: 33

Hello.  Do any of you have metastasis to the scalp/skin?  My husband had three lesions on his scalp before we even knew his RCC had returned.  Discovered lung nodules at his five year check up.  IL 2, he hated it and it didn't work anyway.  Votrient for 9 months....the scalp noduels went away and his disease stabelized.  We noticed the scalp nodules coming back and have just had them biopsied to confirm (it is very rare to have cutaneous mets from RCC).  they are, indeed, RCC.  SO now he started Cabo a few weeks ago.....tolerating it really well, a nd the remaining two lesions on his scalp are going away again. It means the cabo is working (YAY). 

Just wondering if anyone else out there experienced this?  I read somewhere that this is about 3%  chance of happening, and it lowers the survival rate......




  • Jan4you
    Jan4you Member Posts: 1,327
    First of all, welcome and I

    First of all, welcome and I love your user name! Greg is lucky to have you on his team, to have YOU to love him and care for him.

    I never heard of this kind of mets from RCC, but maybe others here have. There also is SmartPatients.com to consider for more responses.

    But know WE will be here for you all the way. I will for sure!

    Sending you HOPE and many loving moments. Glad to hear CABO is working!1

    Hugs, Jan

  • gregslovey
    gregslovey Member Posts: 33
    thank you

    thank you