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TNM Staging Report Confusion

Mighty Frog
Mighty Frog Member Posts: 152

HI! I got my pathology report last week. My Doctor said everying is OK and prognosis is good. Just my blood count is quite low but not concern. The reason my blood count is low as i suffered bleeding on the 2 weeks after the LPN surgical (tumor 4 cm on the left kidney) . I lost quite a lot of blood during urinating. But recovered after 1 week later.

Looking back at my pathology report, mine TNM staging is pT1a pNX pMX. After checking online " X " meaning no information available. Actually what does this really mean? Is my scanning or checkup incomplete or what? 

I normally see is like T1a M0 N0 .... but " X " ...... ? 

Have anyone had this kind of staging report before? or see b4?

Thank you.... 


  • JerzyGrrl
    JerzyGrrl Member Posts: 760
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    Those Ns and Ms

    The X means they didn't check a lymph node or see evidence of it elsewhere, but the didn't have anything to check. Mine was N0 M0, but since they didn't check a lymph node, it probably could've as easily been NX MX. 

    With your pT1a, that pretty much means "the fairly small tumor was sitting there, minding its own business."

  • medic1971
    medic1971 Member Posts: 205
    To add

    Like JerzyGrrl said X = no lymph nodes were sent over to pathology.  I assume that your CT scan showed no signs of engralged lymph nodes so no reason to take them out. 

    Here is an exampe for that X equals using my path report:

    Regional lymph nodes (pN): pNx

    Number of lymph nodes examined: 0

    Number of lymph nodes involved: N/A


  • Mighty Frog
    Mighty Frog Member Posts: 152

    HI! JerzyGrrl & medic1971! Thank you very much for the information. OK atleast i now i know & abit relieve (hahaha) ...TQ!