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Questions I hope to get some answers

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Hi guys, haven't been on for a few weeks .  Took a trip across country with my daughter, so inlaw and grandson to Disneyland.  Had a great time.  Doctor gave me a week off of Cabo while I was away, so that was good.  Anyway to my newest questions.  Before I went away I went to ER for abdominal pain.  I had to follow up with a pulmonologist ( lung doctor ). So I went to see him on Friday and he wants to do an endoscopy biopsy Of the lung .  I see my oncologist on monday, husband doesn't want me to go thru this procedure.  I dont understand why this dr wants to do this .  Has any of you had to go thru this?  I'm really confused

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My lung surgeon did one on me before one of my lung surgeries, I believe he said it was so he could better see where the nodule was , basically in my case he wanted to see it before slicing me open to remove it. They can also do this to do a biopsy of a lung nodule to confirm cancer or not cancer. Its painless, so dont worry about that.

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