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Vectibix- my latest treatments

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Many of you know what happened with the Vectibix the last time I tried it in February. My body overreacted and I became what my onc described as toxic. I had a terrible rash and inflamed nerve endings which made it burn. I bled on my sheets and would have to brush scabs out of my bed every morning. My ears were almost swollen closed and at one point my mouth swelled so badly I lived on freezied for a few days because that's all I could get in my mouth. My face, scalp, chest, neck and upper back were covered in open sores. This was from one dose of it. It took over a month for most of it to heal and I still have scars.

But, my tumour was tested and this is the most effective chemo for it. So I started back on it two weeks ago. I got the reaction as expected a week later but this time it's more what it's supposed to be, like bad acne. I saw my onc yesterday and she said it's still more of a reaction than she'd expected so I'm staying at the 75% dose I had for the first one and am havng my second dose this afternoon.

It's ugly but I can live with it. My nose is the worst part. I can't cover it with make up because it makes it much worse but it's not terrible. It's in all the same places as last time but I'm able to wash my hair this time. Last time I could take the pain and didn't wash it for almost a month. Yuck!

Anyway, for anyone who might be interested in an update on how it;s going this time the answer is much better than last time. Hopefully today's treatment won't make it much worse but I have to tough it out if it does. This chemo is my only hope at this point.


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Hi Jan - Are you taking an antibiotic for the acne, etc.  And also do you have a gel to use?  A fellow cancer patient is taking cetuximab and he said he has been able to control the acne pretty much with the antibiotic, although he wonders about using it so much.  Although, he is more concerned with knocking the cancer.  Just wondering if you are taking an antibiotic ongoing to help control the side effects. Good luck with your new dose - hope it brings you great results.

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Melazapam cream has worked well for my fiancé. She's just finished her fifth treatment with Vectibix and the outbreaks have improved since the first treatment. I think she is also using a sulfur soap. 

Hope your symptoms improve and you can find some relief soon. 

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Thanks you guys. It's not terrible and I'm halfway thru the treatments so I'm doing okay. I have an antibiotic and cream and they help a bit.

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