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Hello, all.

I am new here, but I hope I have some useful information to share with you. 

I bit of pre-story about me:  I lost my cousin two years ago due to pancreatic cancer that pervaded into his stomach. I wish I knew more about clinical trials back then and the possible treatment alternatives, but I was simply paralyzed by fear and grief, so I basically didn't do much out of giving him courage and supporting him emotionally. Hats off to you guys for your strength and mutual support! 
Some time ago I have joined a group of people who dedicated their lives to creating a platform for clinical trials that will in service for everyone who needs a new treatment right now, not in 1, 2 10 years. It is called FindMeCure and it provides information and support in the application process for more than 90% of the clinical trials worldwide.

One of the trials published there is an advanced phase 3 clinical trial looking for 300 people with unresectable stomach cancer join it in 18 different countries. I hope this information will be useful for some of you. The trial details can be found here:

FindMeCure itself provides access to more than 300 other clinical trials for stomach cancer as well as for other conditions in various locations. Everyone can use the search options to explore the opportunities and find a suitable trial. This is the link:  

I hope this information will be of use to some of you. Let me know if I can provide some more information. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome too!

I will be so happy to read in the comments if somebody found a suitable treatments option!